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XL³ 125 cabinets | Legrand Nigeria

XL³ 125 cabinets

Xl3 125 cabinets are modular surface- mounting cabinets, with 1 to 4rows of 18 modules, which can accommodate a distribution block up to 125 a. thanks to the tilting removable chassis and rails which can be taken out without tools, Xl3 125 cabinets offer unobstructed access when connecting cables.

Data center

Total adaptability, from 18 to 72 modules

Surface-mounting distribution cabinets, XL³ 125 solutions are available in versions with 1 to 4 rows, with a capacity of 18 modules per row.

Designed to adapt to a broad range of applications for residential and small commercial buildings, XL³ 125 cabinets can take a variety of equipment such as DPX³ 160 MCCBs, Osmoz control and signalling units, Mosaic sockets, etc.

They are fully reversible (base, faceplate and door) and can be equipped with white or transparent doors.


Racks and cooling

Optimised wiring

The innovative design of XL³ 125 cabinets simplifies installation: rail and chassis which can be removed without tools, tilting chassis, removable neutral and earth terminal blocks, removable cable gland plate, etc.


Easy access

Depending on the extent of the work to be done inside the cabinet (wiring or maintenance), you can either remove the faceplate from one row, or remove the whole cover.


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