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Viking 3 terminal blocks | Legrand Nigeria

Viking 3 terminal blocks

Viking 3 terminal blocks are the core of a reliable and easy to use connection system, toghether with CAB 3 marking system and Starfix ferrules and crimping tools.

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A high-performance, reliable offer

A benchmark range in the connection world for XL³ enclosures, Viking 3 terminal blocks combine high-quality connection with excellent mechanical strength.

For maximum flexibility and complete freedom of configuration, the offer consists of various terminal blocks and power terminal blocks.


Viking legrand

Terminal blocks

These are used to make the electrical connection between two solid or flexible wires. You have a choice between two types of connection: screw connection or automatic spring connection.
The terminal blocks have two bridging combs areas for alternating equipotential connection up to 8 pitch.

Different versions available: connecting, for protective conductor, PNE (Phase/Neutral/Earth), disconnect, function block, for sensors and actuators, disconnect block for measurement.

They come with numerous accessories: end stops, handle levers, joining rods, blown fuse indicators, separation and insulation dividers, equipotential bridging bars and combs, shielding accessories, etc.



Power terminal blocks

Viking 3 power terminal blocks can be used for all types of connection: aluminium or copper cable, flexible or rigid bar, connection with or without lug. They are designed to be adaptable to your wiring practices, whether you are a panel builder or installer.

The range offers 4 types of connection:

  •   Cable/Cable
  •   Plate/Plate
  •   Plate/Cable
  •   Cable/Plate
Easier identification Viking

Easier identification

Viking 3 terminal blocks take CAB 3 and Duplix labelling, which allows clear identification of cables and creates an impeccable finish.


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