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Audio / video solutions | Legrand Nigeria

A system tailored to your needs

A wide choice of products (Hd15, Hdmi, displaY port, rca, Jack) to easily meet the needs of extending or renovating existing existing installations, to precise specifications.

 Audio et vidéo de Legrand

Audio and video solutions from Legrand

Legrand products offer solutions for transmitting high-definition digital audio/video streams between a source (computer, Blu-ray player, etc.) and a compatible receiver (television, video projector, etc.). They feature the following characteristics: 

  • Quick installation
  • Easy connection 
  • Optimum performance

The choice of simplicity

Opt for simplicity at every stage of your project with our "Ready-to-install" and associated controls! With HDMI 1.4 resolution, the PAP for audio/video projection is ideal for classrooms and small meeting rooms. It enables the transmission of digital video streams between a source and a receiver over a length of 10 m. The selector transmitter allows different participants to broadcast the presentation from their PC without disconnecting the video projector cable. It is accompanied by a receiver which transmits the audio/video received to the video projector and supplies power to the receivers.

The choice of flexibility

Legrand's audio/video offer also includes a wide choice of products to easily meet the needs of extending or renovating existing installations, or to meet precise specifications... Choose from our dedicated range: it includes a wide range of sockets (HDMI Type-A, DisplayPort, HD15 female, 3.5 mm female jack, RCA, speaker, XLR, Speakon, BNC...), an HDMI extender, an on/off control, or even a line attenuator.

A wide range of connectors for every need

HDMI, VGA, RJ 45, DisplayPort, USB-A, USB-C... our connectors integrate effortlessly into the spaces where you work, connect and share information. Our cables are designed to work with most PCs, laptops, monitors, scanners and printers, as well as game consoles and audio/video equipment.

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