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General rules for Legrand Africa online contests | Legrand Nigeria



These general rules set out the terms and conditions of participation for all competitions organized by Legrand Africa via its website or other online channels (such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Any interest shown in such contests on the Legrand Africa website does not imply automatic application of these rules. If specific conditions apply to a contest, special contest rules will be drawn up specifically for that contest. The provisions of such special rules shall take precedence over the other provisions of these general rules.



  • Participants must be over 18 years of age and reside in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Ghana. Legrand Africa will be awarding one winner per country making a total of 5 winners.

  • By participating, the user accepts the terms and conditions of the contest.

  • The winners will have to physically collect the gifts from Legrand offices or its official distributors offices in the same country after coordination between Legrand Africa and the winners.  Communication will take place via the Facebook inbox or any other means that the Legrand Africa team will communicate to the winner in the comments of the contest post.

  • All participants authorize Legrand Africa to distribute, after the closing date of the contest, their images or texts, without any right to compensation, payment or remuneration.

  • In the event of a false profile, the person behind the profile may be barred from further participation in the competition at any time, or their right to a prize may be withdrawn.

  • Anyone who wins a prize without fully satisfying all the entry conditions will automatically forfeit his or her right to the prize, without any right to compensation or recourse.



  1. Contestants must visit the website (

  2. They must count the number of wax switches hidden on the home page ( 

  3. They must then go to the post on the Legrand Africa Facebook page and comment on the number of wax switches they found. 

  4. Once the contest is over, until October 19th at 11:59 p.m. (Africa/Lagos Time), these comments will be checked, and if there is more than one with the right answer, a draw will be held to identify the winner. 

  5. This person will be contacted by the Legrand Africa team and will coordinate the awarding of the prize. 

  6. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to Legrand Africa's communication. After this time, a new draw will be made and the process will be repeated from point 5 until the prize is delivered.



  1. The prize cannot be exchanged or converted into cash.

  2. Legrand Africa may modify a prize at any time for production or content reasons.

  3. If necessary, winners must send an e-mail to the e-mail address given in the competition info.

  4. Prizes will be awarded to participants at the end of the action period by a Legrand Africa representative.



  1. Legrand Africa shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages, bodily injuries or accidents that may result from the awarding of a prize and/or participation in a contest.

  2. Legrand Africa shall not be liable for the impossibility of awarding a prize if the participant has provided insufficient, incomplete or inaccurate contact information at the time of participation. Legrand Africa declines all responsibility if the winner does not collect the prize in one of Legrand's offices at a later date. Nor will Legrand Africa be liable for any loss or unacceptable damage to such notice.

  3. No misprint, spelling mistake, typo or other error of this type and no technical problem (particularly in the case of communication by e-mail) can be invoked to justify any obligation whatsoever on the part of Legrand Africa. If Legrand Africa is forced to postpone, shorten or cancel the contest, modify the contest rules or adapt the contest format, it cannot be held responsible in any way.

  4. By participating in a contest, the participant accepts the entire content of the present rules and information. The results and decisions of the organizers may not be contested for any reason whatsoever.

  5. Complaints concerning the way in which a competition is run can be sent by e-mail via  clearly mentioning the title of the competition concerned.

  6. Legrand Africa will not be held responsible for any changes made to the competition or for the cancellation of the competition as a result of force majeure, fraud, illegal action or theft.



  1. Personal data will be processed and used as described in Legrand Africa's personal data statement:

  2. By participating, participants accept the possibility of an appearance, if they win a prize, with photo, name and address on the website or other online channels, under the editorial responsibility of Legrand Africa.

  3. Participants' personal data may be recorded in Legrand Africa files and used for commercial purposes. Each participant has the right to check this data and to have it deleted from the competition organizer's files. Participants are obliged to provide their personal data for the logistical processing of the competition. Any other use of personal data is described in the privacy policy.



  1. Legrand Africa will monitor the proper conduct of the contest. If all the conditions of the rules are not met or if there is abuse, cheating, fraud or participation in bad faith, Legrand Africa will have the right to exclude the participant concerned from the contest and even to exclude him or her - permanently or not - from other Legrand Africa contests - online or offline. In such cases, Legrand Africa shall have the right to ask the participant to return any prize already awarded and to claim damages for any prejudice suffered by Legrand Africa (including damage to image).

  2. The result of a competition is binding and irrevocable and cannot be contested.

There can be no correspondence (by mail, e-mail or telephone) concerning the result and the running of the competition. Drawings and winners' proclamations are final.