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Bread manufacturer by Legrand | Legrand Nigeria

A Kenyan bread manufacturer chooses Legrand

In partnership with our client "Power Controls Ltd", we have implemented in Nairobi, Kenya power distribution solutions for a bread manufacturer. The manufacturer wishes to remain anonymous.

bread manufacturer

Project Overview

The bread manufacturer's needs:

Legrand has deployed Power Distribution solutions for a major bread manufacturer. Executed in Nairobi, Kenya, this initiative was accomplished in collaboration with our client, "Power Controls Ltd." The manufacturer, who has been a customer of Power Controls for 15 years, needed an automatic system with all the controllers in order to feed the factory power by bringing the generator in case of power failure. For this purpose, they turned to Legrand Circuit Breakers.

bread manufacturer

Legrand solutions present in this project

Along with Power Controls, this big bread manufacturer has relied on Legrand Power Distribution Solutions due to their quality, reliability and cost benefit. In this specific project, they incorporated:

  • Legrand Air Circuit Breakers to automatically control power failure
  • Legrand Transformers
  • Legrand enclosures
  • Legrand Busbar Zucchini
  • Legrand Cable Management Cablofil
  • Synergy Wiring Devices


A bread manufacturer in Nairobi

An industrial project by Legrand

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We have always offered Legrand.​ It's the most reliable. It's very​ durable, very minimum issues.

Nischal Gajjar​
Our customer – Power Controls Ltd
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