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DPX³ MCCBs | Legrand Nigeria

Disjoncteurs de puissance DPX³

Reliable protection and accurate measurement up to 1600 A

Suitable for all types of site, the DPX³ range includes 4 sizes of MCCB, for ratings between 16 A and 1600 A and breaking capacities ranging from 16 to 100 kA. It also offers a wide choice of versions to suit all requirements: - Thermal-magnetic or electronic releases according to the required level of protection - Fixed, draw-out and plug-in devices according to the required level of maintenance - RCBOs

Integrated measurement: the choice of a more compact solution

With electronic DPX³ circuit breakers from 40 A to 1600 A with integrated measurement, it is very easy to monitor the parameters and consumption of the different circuits in the installation, without additional devices or accessories. The values measured can be viewed: - Directly in the distribution board, on the LCD screen on the front of the device - Remotely from a PC or smartphone equipped with supervision software, via the RS485 communication interface and Modbus protocol

Total selectivity for maximum continuity of service

Guaranteeing continuity of service, selectivity between Legrand circuit breakers is optimal thanks to the improved performance of DPX³ devices. Various selectivity techniques can be used. In critical configurations, the dynamic selectivity and logical selectivity offered by the protection units in electronic DPX³ circuit breakers ensure maximum continuity of service.