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Idrobox | Legrand Nigeria

Idrobox: Protection against all odds

Idrobox is the perfect solution for electrical installations exposed to the elements. Feel safe and protected thanks to the Idrobox cover that protects your switches and outlets.


Electrical installation in weathering conditions

The Idrobox range of containers consists of 4 types:

- Universal Cover
- Idrobox containers for the Matix and Magic series.
- Idrobox covers for 3-module flush-mounted boxes for the Living Light, Matix and Magic series.
- Idrobox Plus containers

Various versions for different environments: residential, commercial and industrial.


Advantages of the Idrobox range

Simplicity of installation

30% more internal space compared to other boxes, which facilitates the assembly of the mechanisms.

Metal fasteners for the screws that reduce the assembly time of the covers and guarantee a correct fastening.

Circular pre-drilled (pre-grooves) on the 4 sides of the boxes for the connection of pipes.

The boxes of 1 and 2 modules already have a perforation on one side for cable glands.

Gama Idrobox


Universal Cover


Easy installation: simply place the universal cover over the 3-module flush-mounted box.



IP66 Container


Container for Matix socket - capacity 2 modules. Guaranteed degree of protection: IP66



IP55 Container


Compatible with Magic and Matix mechanisms



IP40 Container


Compatible with Magic and Matix mechanisms



Idrobox Plus IP55


IP55 controls and containers without transparent sleeve


Idrobox is the result of Bticino's research in the technological field to ensure a high level of quality in the protection of electrical mechanisms.