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Legrand Design Digital | Legrand Nigeria

Simplicity is our watchword.

Creating an application associated with a product allows us to make it more inclusive, in addition to expanding its possibilities. More features and greater accessibility, for an improved daily life.



Consistent graphics across all media to ensure constant legibility.

App, web, commissioning, professionals, individuals.... icons, palette, navigation, logos... Our graphic language is consistent, legible and obvious. Everywhere. We combine brand consistency and flexibility to respond as effectively as possible to the variety of uses and functions.


With netatmo

By switch, voice, automation... Interact with our products however you wish. We optimise the experience according to each modality and guarantee a simple interaction both physically and digitally.



In homes and businesses, near and far, we help improve the energy performance of buildings. Enjoy a peace of mind while reducing your carbon footprint.


Emergency Lighting units

We ensure the accessibility and safety of our devices. Through digital tools, we improve the efficiency of professional users during installation, monitoring and maintenance. Everything is designed for an optimal cycle of use.

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