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Cablofil : The first name in the wired mesh cable

Cablofil is a renowned brand in cable management, it was introduced in Europe in 1972 and is a global leader in innovative cable touring solutions

Cablofil Legrand


Cablofil has become a leader in cable management management worldwide, with more than 200,000 kilometers of cable tray installed globally.

We offer an efficient cable support system for various installations, emphasizing technical excellence and cost-effectiveness. Cablofil is committed to innovation, especially in maximizing power cable ventilation. Our mission is to provide top-quality products through rigorous quality control, and our vision revolves around constant innovation and staying abreast of emerging technology trends.


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Cablofil Legrand

High quality solution

  • Cablofil, a Legrand Group brand, has been characterized by offering a high quality solution adapted to the needs of flexibility in cabling projects. 
  • Main features of the Cablofil range: 
  • Four finishes: Electro-zinc plated, hot-dip galvanized, 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel.
  • Variety in dimensions and finishes for all types of installation: floors, walls and ceilings. Allows applications in: tunnels, industries and data centers, among others.
  • Safety edge: it is a patented system. The "T" welding of the bottom wires on the edge wires eliminates to the maximum the wire breakage at the moment of installation.
  • Steel quality: With ISO 2001 certification, Cablofil ensures quality control at every stage of manufacturing, from steel selection to surface treatments.
Cablofil Legrand

  • Ergonomics/safety: Cablofil's efforts are also focused on improving the handling and safety of the installer's hands. Transparent installations allow much easier control and cleaning, and promote safety and hygiene.
  • It is the cable tray with the highest number of certifications and specifications in the world: RETIE, UL, ANCE, ETL, NEMA, ROHS.
  • Fire resistance: Cablofil is certified E30 - E90, through temperature rise tests up to 1000°C for 90 minutes.
  • Tested electrical continuity: Cablofil sections exceed the requirements of the IEC 61 537 standard, which imposes a maximum resistance for cable trays of 5mΩ/m and 50mΩ for joints (0.82 mΩ, i.e. 50 to 80 times better than that required by the standard).
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Cablofil e-catalog

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Cablofil Legrand

Cable Management


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Cablofil Legrand


The Cable Carrying System is built with high quality steel and engineering precision. It is the result of decades of research thanks to the fact that more than 150 thousand kilometers of cable carriers have been installed around the world.

Tested at all stages of the process, Legrand’s Cable Carrying System has been used in a variety of applications, from heavy cable crossing on oil drilling rigs to cable installations in datacenters and modern offices.


Cablofil Instalation

The Cablofil system can be used for virtually all types of cables from low voltage datacomms to high-voltage mains cables.