My home sound system

Uses the BUS/SCS home automation system to broadcast the radio
or any other stereo source throughout the house.


  • Amplifier
  • 16W amplifier

  • When connected to loudspeakers can be used to provide sound to a room for listening to a distant sound source connected to the BUS/SCS. It has an integrated control for power on and off, selection of the sound source, volume adjustment, radio station selection or changing CD tracks. The amplifier can be managed remotely using a multi-function control or a My Home touchscreen. It is flush mounted in a Batibox Programme box.

  • RCA socket
  • RCA socket

  • Used for connecting a stereo source such as a hi-fi system or MP3 player to the BUS/SCS system.

  • Loudspeakers
  • Loudspeakers

  • There are various loudspeakers available: flush-mounted, surface-mounted or false ceiling installation, allowing sound to be broadcast to all rooms.

  • Din RDS radio source
  • RDS stereo radio tuners

  • Available with or without coaxial connector for outside aerial, these are installed in an enclosure on a modular rail. Stations can be selected directly on the amplifiers or management controls via the BUS/SCS.

  • Audio/video signal distribution unit
  • Multi-channel distributor

  • Used for simultaneous broadcasting of different sources in different rooms of the house. Contains 4 inlets for door entry kit and cameras and 4 inlets for sound sources.