My home heating and air conditioning controls

Manage the temperature at home locally or remotely whatever the type of heating,
and make energy savings thanks to the BUS/SCS My Home automation system.


  • Cebtral unit for temperature control
  • The temperature management unit

  • Allows management of up to 99 areas with programming of the temperature according to the time and day of the week. Option of using 6 different programmes that are stored in the memory via a battery. The current programme is displayed on the screen. Takes plates.

  • Probe
  • Temperature sensors

  • These are installed in each area and transmit the temperature measured at the unit using the BUS/SCS. Adjustment range from 3 to 40°C. Available with local override control and in a special version for fan coil with fan speed adjustment.

  • 1.2” Touch screen in “temperature management”mode
  • 1''2 touch screen

  • Used for displaying and managing the temperature for 1 area, but can also be used to manage other home automation functions such as lighting, roller shutters, sound system or the different scenarios. The functions allocated to it are displayed on its LCD screen.

  • Actuator
  • Heating controllers

  • Installed in the consumer unit and directly control the heating resistors, solenoid valves or fan coils depending on the commands received from the BUS/SCS unit. Available with 2 or 4 independent relays.