Fast clipping control accessories



You can remotely control the DMX³ thanks to its range of accessories: shunt trips, undervoltage releases, motor operators and closing coils. All the control accessories are simply clipped on to the front panel of the circuit breaker, which is especially configured in order to facilitate the clipping. Every type of accessory is compatible with its own location, in order to avoid any possible mistake.


Electrical connection is made in no time thanks to the fast connector supplied on all above accessories.

Shunt trip

Shunt trips are devices used for the remote instantaneous opening of the air circuit breaker. They are generally controlled trough an N/O type contact. The actual offer of
shunt trips proposes different supply voltages (from 24 V to 415 V), compatibles with AC and DC currents. The shunt trips are already equipped with a special fast connector, to be directly inserted into auxiliary contacts block. An auxiliary contact is connected in series with the coil, cutting off its power supply when the main poles are open.


Undervoltage release

Undervoltage releases are devices which are generally controlled by an N/C type contact. The trigger instantaneous opening of the circuit breaker if their supply voltage drops below a certain threshold and in particular if the control contact opens. These releases are equipped with a device for limiting their consumption after the circuit has been closed.


Closing coils

These coils are used for remotely controlling the closing of the power contacts of the circuit breaker. The springs of the circuit breaker are to be loaded prior to the action of the closing coils. They are controlled by an N/O type contact.


Motor operators

Motor operators are used for remotely reloading the springs of the circuit breaker mechanism immediately after the device closes. The device can thus be re-closed almost immediately after an opening operation. To motorise a DMX³ it is necessary to add a release coil (undervoltage release or shunt trip) and a closing coil. Motor operators are easy to mount, with only three screws.


Safety and padlocking accessories for an increased security

The DMX³ circuit breakers draw-out types are delivered as standard with safety padlocking shutters preventing access to live terminals.
They have a number of other safety devices, such as:
- Key-operated locks (main contacts open, circuit breaker in draw-out position),
- Padlocks ( main contacts open, contact shutters closed for draw-out position), 
- Door locking in order to prevent the opening of the electrical switchboard door when the contacts of the ACB are closed.