Continuity of service and increased safety



Supply invertors answer the double need of continuity of service and greater safety (security). Traditionally used in hospitals, public buildings, industries with continuous manufacturing processes, airports and military applications, supply invertors become increasingly required for new applications such as telecommunications and computing treatment or in the management of energy sources, notably those say "renewable energies".



  • 1. Stand-by power supply (without load shedding)
    2. Stand-by power supply (with load shedding)
    3. Dual power supply (total power)
    4. Dual power supply (reduced power with priority loads)

Easy to install mechanical interlock system

  • Mechanical interlock is set up using cables and a mechanical interlock device and can interlock 2 or 3 devices, which may be different type in a vertical or horizontal configuration.
    The interlock device is mounted on the right-hand side of the air circuit breaker.

supply invertors

  • The Legrand automatic control unit allows to easily manage the automatic switching of two sources. Controlled by a microprocessor, the unit is fully programmable. All the parameters are adjustable: values of the thresholds of tension, temporization between switching, starting up of a generator…


Thanks to its digital displays and different LEDs is possible to watch permanently the state of the invertor, as well as the presence and the value of the tensions on each source.