Be free to choose XL³ fully adaptable enclosure



It is very easy to create the configuration you want thanks to the different available sizes of XL³ 4000 and 6300 enclosures: 2 widths, 3 depths, and 2 heights for XL³ 4000 and 1 width, 3 depth, and 1 height for XL³ 6300. A full range of accessories, such as dedicated fixing plates and faceplates, facilitates the integration of DMX³ devices inside XL³ enclosures.


Fixed and draw-out version

DMX³ circuit breakers and switches are mounted on horizontal plates.
Different fixing plates and faceplates are available for fixed or draw-out version of the breaker and for the different witdhs of  XL³ 4000 and XL³ 6300 enclosures. 

Optimized space and reduced width of main distribution board::
XL³ 4000 – 600 mm width enclosures can be equipped with Frame 2 DMX³ air circuit breakers thanks to their compact size. The correct size for the enclosure, and thus the power to be dissipated, is obtained by adapting the depth of the assembly:
- 725 mm min. up to 2 500 A
- 975 mm min. up to 4 000 A